Georgia Tech HC Geoff Collins Press Conference – Notre Dame Preview

    “A lot of people just look at the results,” the second-year coach said Tuesday. “They don’t want to look at the steps that we’re taking and the progress that we’re making in this journey. Every single day, we’re building something that’s very, very special.”

   “I ain’t worried about anything on the outside,” he said. “I’m fully aware of exactly where this program is and where this program is going. It’s worlds better than it has been. We’re going to continue to get better in every single phase.”

   “A lot of people want to tear you down. A lot of people want to build you up. Some people are going to be in your corner. Some people are going to turn their back on you,” he said, before adding defiantly, “I’m keeping score too.”

   “All I’ve been everywhere I’ve been is successful,” Collins said, his raspy voice rising with every word. “All I’ve done everywhere I’ve been is won and developed players to the highest level possible. Sometimes, it’s quick. Sometimes, it takes a little while to get it going. But it always ends up being positive.”

   “I will not stop until it happens,” Collins said. “We’ve won everywhere I’ve been. We played at the highest levels everywhere I’ve been.”

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