Louisville Head Coach
Scott Satterfield's Presser -
Georgia Tech Preview

By Don Stone:  Georgia Tech Express

“They started a new freshman at quarterback and he is a very talented player.  He’s got great size, he can run. I think he may be leading them in rushing.  He has turned the ball over so that’s one thing that obviously we have in common.   Both teams have turned the football over which is not good, but they also have a freshman running back who I think is a really good running back.  He’s a good player and is very fast.  He’s also they’re starting kick returner.” 

“They have some play makers offensively and defensively.  I coached with Coach Collins at FIU in 2010, when I was the OC and he was the DC and I know he likes to bring pressure, he’s a very aggressive coach when it comes to the defensive side of the ball.  He wants his kids to play fast and cause havoc on that side of the ball.  
“I think in the last couple years they’ve been able to manufacture some wins a lot of it in special teams they’ve done some good things and special team wise the last year and a half to.  They also have a good punter. I think he’s leading the ACC in punting, about 48 yards a punt, and also in the net punting so they can flip the field in that regard.  He’s building that program up.
“They’ve done a good job in recruiting and he’s playing some of those young players. I think it comes back to us.  We’re really more worried about us and focused on what we have to do in order to go out and play well in order to get to win.”