FSU Head Coach Mike Norvell Press Conference - Georgia Tech Preview

By Don Stone:  Georgia Tech Express

  Florida State Head Coach Mike Norvell held a press conference on Labor Day. He talked about the Saturday, September 12, 2020 season opener at home against Georgia Tech and analyzed the Yellow Jackets.

 Norvell: “I’ll tell ya, Georgia Tech is a team that you see a lot of growth just by looking at their roster and the physical growth from guys. They have a lot of returning players, guys who have another year in Coach Collins’ culture and system.

  “You saw the steps throughout the course of the season last year. They played a lot of competitive games, had a couple really big wins where they were able to show up and finish those games. …I think that’s something that comes over time, belief in a system, belief in a culture.

  “You see the way that they play. They play extremely hard. They’ve got a lot of versatility with guys within their roster. You look at (Tobias) Oliver, who’s the quarterback there last year and receiver and now moving over to defensive backfield, and somebody that they’re really high on. You see the athleticism that he brings.

  “The defensive front…they have a couple new additions and overall they’ve grown at that position.

  “Their defensive backfield is impressive with the starters that they have.

  “You look at the receivers they have, on the offensive side. Their receiving corps has a lot of explosiveness. You look back at the course of last year, they had a lot of opportunities to be able to impact and stretch the field vertically.

  “They’ve had a couple guys on the offensive front who’ve helped with the overall size and overall girth at that position.

  “I know they’re still working the final touches on their quarterback position, but that position and some talented running backs, it’s going to be a great challenge.

  “At the end of the day in Week 1, it’s unique every year, we’re telling our guys and truly our focus is to focus on the things we can control. That’s how we prepare.”